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You already host your website somewhere or else no one could see it. When hosting, you have an option to upgrade to SSL which website visitors insist on now. It seems that everyone, everywhere, highly recommends that you make this change to secured hosting. We provide top quality secured hosting at reasonable rates.

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Your business appears online in many places, with and without your approval. It is hugely important to analyze how you are viewed already, at least in the places your potential customers might look. What we want is a clear and consistent message, such as address details, that match! This send a strong signal that search engines feel confident ranking well. If your business is listed differently across the web, as is almost always the case, then so much of your message just turns into noise benefiting nobody. Let us straighten it out and insure that your message and details are strong and true bringing the customers who want YOU. This is the best way to make us all happy.

We first analyze your website to discover and/or unify your business message. If Google is uncertain of your message, how can they place it in the top search results?

Here is our S.E.O. offer:

We want all of our customers to start with a 6 month minimum program ($295/mo) wherein we:

Search Engine Optimization

has a long mysterious history earning itself a questionable reputation. Having been in the field for over a dozen years I know the thinking required for good optimization work and how seldom I encounter website designers who really understand what is going on S.E.O.-wise. Thankfully for most these days the understanding is not all that necessary. It would be nice to be understood, but certainly not a necessity. For at least 90% of businesses, simple website makers with an S.E.O. plugin will do the job well enough.
In a competitive field, however, this is just not going to work well for you. Say there are 100 B&Bs in your area, what will it take to get yours to show on page one? Assume everyone else in the competition, also filled in their SEO plugins...

The science of Search Engine Optimization is understanding how to influence which website comes up at the top of the search results. Often, website owners use an S.E.O. plugin and believing it is filled in correctly, miss simple details which can have a shockingly negative impact on actual customers in your door.

And should your business be in a really competitive field, considering SEO is no small matter. I want to stress here that, generally at least, people make mistakes at the beginning and then just multiply them on through. Consider your "phrase", the short description you use to set your business apart. How did your decide on that? How do you use it in your site and in your plugins? If you start out with the wrong one, it just becomes exaggerated as the business grows.

It can seem straight forward and certainly you will do better the more that you study, but it does take study to do it correctly. Let us help you.

S.E.O. has many levels. Thankfully, a single 6-month period of market interactions and analysis, website improvements, directory submissions or corrections, social media, and Adwords is sure to pull your website out of the back woods. For $295/mo for 6 months, we not only focus on the obvious errors with the creation of a report highlighting issues, we also address those as well. We create and get your business listed in Google, Bing, LinkedIn and Apple yet we do this from an SEO perspective and expertise. Facebook, Twitter social media accounts. The creation of a simple Adwords account to supplement the search terms you are not succeeding in.

S.E.O. | Website Analysis | Directories | Reviews

I find it sad how often I run across websites that are suffering hugely from tiny mistakes. Yet it can be daunting to understand even the basic rules of S.E.O. (it didn't used to be so complicated). One client of mine had a robots.txt file that excluded his main content. Do you know about your robots.txt file? You may well know of it but maybe you don't. It can and does direct search engines to which content you want them to see. A mistake here halts any chance of showing up in the results at all.

Of course most errors are not so simple, so it really is imperative that you get some professional analysis of your site, even if you want to try and attack all the improvements by yourself.


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