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Notice! 06/29/15
When I wrote up this page 4 years years ago, I had this naive notion that bed & breakfast businesses could be corralled into package needs/solutions. Since then I have not yet encountered 2 inns that are even close to the same, with the same obstacles and the same needs. Every customer is actually unique and I always end up custom tailoring my solutions to the individual situation. The packages defined below are now for you to get an understanding of our approaches and how in-depth we can delve. Someday I will update the page, no I mean the whole site! to better reflect reality. Till then be warned that none of the following package solutions will best address your concerns and will end up quite modified to best suit your needs. We will analyze your site and needs, outline a plan and work with you to bring about the best solution that we can devise together.

Premium Business Promotion:

With all but our "basic package", if we sign you up we guarantee first page search engine results or your money back. We know what we are doing and can say this with confidence.

Website Promotion Premium Package
From $3500 for the first year.

This is a great package for most Vacation Rentals and BnB businesses.

With this option we do all of items described in the Basic Promotion Package but we don't stop there. We set you on the road to the wild world of links and reviews. We go on to ensure that you are listed in every website and directory that could possibly impact your business.

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With nearly 12 years experience with Bed and Breakfast management and promotion we understand your business and can help you promote it.

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Basic Promotion Package
$700 - $1200

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"We only take one select client from each tourist destination and we make it Number One in the search engine results!"

Excellent BnB Promotion!

"When BnbSEO started promoting my business, we were doing OK, but certainly not even half full most of the time. Our website was showing up on the 4th and 5th page in google's search results. Now we are on page one everytime." - Robert Frost, The Inn of the Turquoise Bear, a Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast

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