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After years of training as the owner of several small businesses in Hawaii I finally landed in Vacation Rental management on Maui.

Managing my own business had taught me many huge lessons that equipped me with the ability to operate within the limitations of a struggling vacation rental business. How do you promote your business, pay advertising costs while maintaining the bedding, towels and furnishings, buildings and still pay a staff to help with all the work? When the Inn is struggling to have even one room booked every night where is the money to do this going to come from?

So I know from experience what the bed and breakfast/ vacation rental business is all about. I have worked at all levels and all jobs associated with this business. Building maintenance, grounds keeping, room cleaning, booking, advertising, guest complaint resolution, bills, payroll, taxes and finally website design, seo and promotion.

My first experience with web design was in 1998 with BambooSecret.org for an NGO in Nepal. I dabbled with websites for years before finally settling down to study the subject seriously in 1994. In 1996 I apprenticed with an S.E.O. expert in order to promote the website bed-breakfast-maui.com for the Banyan Tree House bed and breakfast.

Since 1997 I have focused entirely on website promotion, S.E.O and some design work founding the World Wide Web Doctor. Now with the help of several talented design experts I have shifted my focus to just promote a select few clients in each tourist destination in North America.

This is what I am best at. I prove it over and over. I know the business and can relate to all the challenges inherit in the business and I have learned how to solve them. Promoting your bed and breakfast or vacation rental, has its own special challenges and solutions. We here at BnB SEO know the way and can walk with you down the road to your success.

Anam Kinsey - BnBSEO, CEO

Bed and Breakfast Promotion Specialists

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With 12 years experience with Bed and Breakfast management and promotion we understand your business and can help you promote it.

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"When BnbSEO started promoting my business, we were doing OK, but certainly not even half full most of the time. Our website was showing up on the 4th and 5th page in google's search results. Now we are on page one everytime" - Robert Frost, The Inn of the Turquoise Bear, a Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast