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Below is a list of what you will receive when you fill in the form above with valid and appropriate information. If you don't have a website then we will need an address to make an analysis of your situation. If you give us your website address then please help us address your focus by sharing what you want to do to promote your business.


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The prices for the different packages vary due to the wide difference in competition between tourist destinations.

If, for instance, your Inn is on the shores of a lake in the Rockies, and there are only about 20 other tourist accommodations in your area, then expect the quote to be at the lower end of the price range. If, on the other hand, your vacation accommodation is at the other end of the spectrum, and there are hundreds of lodgings in the competition, then we are going to have to do all that much more work to get the same results.

In order to provide a reasonably accurate quote please provide us with the answers to the questions in this form. We will in turn send you a general assessment of our view of your situation and what we can do to get you at the top of the search engine results.

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Spam Concerns: We understand any potential concerns you may have about sharing your email address. We honestly don't receive enough emails or have the time to attempt to profit from selling your email address, so relax about that. Furthermore we promise not to harass you with our own emails. If you do not respond within a few days after we send you a business analysis report we will send you one follow up email wishing you well and to remember us in the future should you wish to promote your business further. After that you will have to contact us. We promise, no harassment hassles!


With nearly 12 years experience with Bed and Breakfast, and Vacation Rental management we understand your business and can help you promote it.

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"When BnbSEO started promoting my business, we were doing OK, but certainly not even half full most of the time. Our website was showing up on the 4th and 5th page in google's search results. Now we are on page one everytime." - Robert Frost, The Inn of the Turquoise Bear, a Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast